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The single largest success factor in business

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

For your business to succeed and to grow you have to make the sale. There's no way around it. You can't be a successful growing a company without sales. So how do you ensure making the sale? How do you get people to notice you? What makes potential customers choose you over a competitor?

The truth is that it all comes down to one single factor, and it's your businesses ability to earn a potential customers trust. That's it. Trust is the foundation of all great relationships, whether personal or professional. your customers are no different. They need to know that you're there for them, you'll provide them with a great product or service, and that they can count on you to be there the next time they need you and most of all that you won't rip them off.

It's true that often times consumers, especially those of commodity items or services, base their decision on price. However, trust has a large role to play in that decision. Think of it this way. Product A and product B, virtually identical in every way. Product A is for sale on Amazon, while product B shows up on an eCommerce site that you've never heard of before. What's the difference? You're still getting the same product, right? Or are you? That doubt you're experiencing is trust. Do you trust that other eCommerce site to sell that same exact product for a better price and trust that you'll actually get it and that they won't steal your credit card information? Do you trust them enough to buy from them? The answer is likely no.

Let's explore why the answer is no for so many people. Overwhelmingly, the answer is due to the fact that Amazon has earned your trust through an ever changing and ever present website and online presence. You see their ads in your email, you see them popup on your favorite news site, you see Amazon or that product you were looking at over and over again almost everywhere you go, each time building that comfort level, building that trust.

You see, online presence has everything to do with the success of a business. In the example above, Amazon has not only mastered that strategy, but in many ways pioneered it. Since so many people start their research online before they ever pick up a phone or get in their car, being present when and where your potential customers start their search is crucial.

Trust can be built over time by providing a resource to your potential customer, answering their questions and bringing knowledge and value about the product or service you provide. When a customer turns to your website for information and learns something, guess what, you've built their trust enough for them to return to your site the next time they need more information. Ultimately, resulting in a customer that's informed and ready to purchase with minimal convincing required since you've built that trust, illustrated your value and answered most of their questions already.

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